Resin Drying

The R.T. Kuntz Company works with clients to assess drying needs and recommend appropriate solutions. From small throughput machine mounted dryers, to high throughput PET preform applications of 2,500+ lbs. per hour, we have the ability to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of solutions as well as replacement desiccant for most types of existing twin tower dryers.

Dri-Air Industries

Dri-Air Industries is a leader in drying technology. Our plastics drying systems offer a full range of solutions for drying plastic resins. Dri-Air offers a new patented 4-bed design for faster drying with no moving parts! Dri-Air also has advanced microprocessor control, stainless steel insulated hoppers, closed-loop loading systems and full-flo electric dryer valves.
Maguire Products LPD Dryer

The Maguire Low Pressure Dryer (LPD) is a revolutionary device that uses vacuum to accelerate the resin drying process. The use of vacuum provides many process and cost benefits compared to conventional drying technology. Maguire Products did not invent the science of low pressure (vacuum) drying. In fact vacuum drying has been used in the manufacturing process of plastic resins, chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals for many years. But, Maguire Products is the first to bring this technology to the plastics industry in a package that is affordable, reliable and simple to operate.
Bry-Air Systems

Energy-efficient dryers that deliver -40° dew point are available with gas fired reactivation, which reduces operating costs by as much as 80% over electric based systems. Optional heat recovery coils provide additional energy reduction, and process heaters are located on the drying hopper inlet in order to eliminate heat loss through the hose.
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