Maguire Blenders

maguire weigh scale blenders
Custom maguire blenders.

For more than 20 years, The R.T. Kuntz Company has been a national distributor for Maguire Products. We offer the full line of equipment from Maguire Products. The Maguire weigh scale blender is the backbone of most plastics conveying systems. Over 100 models are available to blend up to twelve components at rates up to 8,000 lbs./hr. Maguire Products provides the most cost-effective Weigh Scale Blenders available.

Standard Features Include:

  • All Materials Metered By Weight
  • Accuracy is constantly monitored
  • Automatic compensation for varying densities
  • Extreme Accuracy
  • In actual operation, color and additive is held to within 1/10 of 1% of requested ratio
  • Automatic Recalibration
  • Every batch is followed by an error correction routine that continuously hunts toward perfect dispense weights
  • Direct Setting of Percentages – No calculations
  • Enter settings for percentage of color, additive, and regrind on the thumbwheel switches and the system does the rest
  • Very Simple Operation

Custom Applications

The R.T. Kuntz Company can provide a custom-engineered solution for any resin conveying or plastics blending application. Certain blending processes require out-of-the-ordinary attention which may include:

  • Platforms and walkways for blender access
  • Large capacity hoppers for additional material storage
  • Mezzanine installed solutions


Gravimetric, loss-in-weight, and volumetric feeders can be integrated into any plastics conveying system.

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