plastics industry conveying components
Metal separators.
The R.T. Kuntz Company carries a full line of specialty components that would be found in any plastics processing plant. Includes but is not limited to the following:


  • Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel tubing and piping from 1” OD to 12” OD
  • Compression couplings and connectors
  • Camlock fittings and custom weld fabrications like tees, laterals, and wyes
  • Short and long radius elbows in standard metals and also including ceramic lined, ceramic backed, and shot peened
  • Flexible hose in heavy duty PVC and Stainless Steel

Diverter Valves and Slide Gates

  • 2,3, and 4-way diverter valves
  • Roller and orifice type slide gates
  • Pneumatic or manual actuation
  • Operation in vacuum, pressure, or gravity applications

Metal Detectors and Metal Separators

  • Detect and remove ferrous and non-ferrous metal contamination from material lines, gravity applications, and incline conveyors
  • Sensitivities as low as 0.5mm ferrous ball


  • Throat mounted drawer magnets
  • Spout style grinder magnets
  • Grate type hopper magnets

Level Measurement

  • Mechanical and capacitance type level sensors in an array of sizes and styles
  • Cable and weight type level measurement devices for storage silos
  • Load cell technology for weighing storage silos and bins

Vacuum Conveying Accessories

  • Vacuum take away boxes and adjustable air probes
  • Angel hair traps
  • Railcar probes and “far-side” filters
  • Suction lances and gaylord covers

Gaylord Tilters and Gaylord Dumpers

  • Built with heavy duty steel and with capacities up to 2500 lbs., heights up to 186” and bucket rotations of 135 degrees, tilters and dumpers give you the ability to empty material from boxes into production quickly and efficiently. Custom sizes are available based on your needs.

Weigh Batch Systems

Super-sack and Gaylord Filling Systems

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